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Gorgeous Handcrafted Jewelry and Other Artisan-Made Handcrafted Collectibles

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Handcrafted Collectibles, Musical Instruments, Jewelry, Pottery and Many Other Items from South America

South American Collectibles:
  • Ceramic Figurines
  • Huacos—Peruvian Pottery
  • Stone Carved Nativities
  • Animalitos™ and Finger Puppets


Handcrafted Jewelry:
  • Silver and Gold Jewelry
  • Necklaces, Earrings, and Bracelets
  • Ceramic Beads Pendants and Rings 
  • Ceramic and Jungle Seed Jewelry
  • Peruvian Stone and Shell Jewelry
  • Ceramic Beads

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Discover beautiful handcrafted collectibles, musical instruments, jewelry, Animalitos, finger puppets & lots more from our South American imports retailer in Texas,  South American Handcrafts began in 1995 after an engneering consulting trip to Peru where founder Harry Callicotte had his own Celestine Prophecy experience and decided to assist local artists in designing and selling handcrafts. We hope you will find something you like here. Contact us if we can assist you in finding a special gift or visit us at one of our renaissance festival shops throughout the Midwest where you can get some hands on experience with our products.

At South American Handcrafts, we work directly with several talented Peruvian artists to bring a wide variety of handcrafts directly to the doors of our customers. Not only that, elimination of the middle man allows us to pay our artists directly, providing artists with sustainable income to build homes for their families and communities. Additionally, this direct relationship with our artists gives us the opportunity to control the quality, availability, customization, and competitive rates for our beautiful products.

Jewelry • Wood Swords • Practice Weapons Tapestries • Musical Instruments • Animalitos




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